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General Rules - please read
Basic rules:
  1. Treat admins, moderators, and your fellow users with respect and courtesy at all times.
  2. DO NOT POST THE DOWNLOAD LINKS HERE TO OTHER BOARDS, BLOGS, OR ANYWHERE ELSE.  If you want to share something you found here on another forum, please upload it to your own host first.  The purpose of this rule is to protect uploaders' links from detection for DCMA Takedown requests.
  3. The official language of this board is English.  This is out of convenience to both the admins and users, for whom it is a common language. If you want to start a thread in another language, contact the admins.
  4. This forum is not your personal army and not your personal soapbox.  Open discussion is encouraged; starting witch-hunts and proselytizing political or religious ideologies is not.
  5. There is an additional set of rules concerning uploading.
  6. The following conduct is prohibited and punishable by banning:

    1. Stalking, harassment or cyberbullying of any kind
    2. Bigoted remarks of any kind
    3. Spamming, whether for commercial or other reasons
    4. Doxxing, which is the posting any sort of personally identifiable information (such as credit card numbers, location data, government ID numbers)
    5. Threats of violence or unlawful activity against anyone
    6. Posting material which is obscene, pornographic, or illegal under United States law
    7. Posting malware, viruses, or any code or materials which could be destructive to this forum or other users
    8. Engaging in any other conduct which endangers or disrupts the continued operation of this forum or creates harm or risk of harm to its users
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